Adult Website Link Listing Advertising

The Online Adult Dating Network is a global network of 32 adult dating sites with an audience of over 5 million* unique visitors per month along with over 250 million monthly page impressions.

* Total unique visitors is based on the total unique visitors for each website in The Online Adult Dating Network websites.

The Online Adult Dating Network, is a leading network of online adult sex dating sites that connects sexually liberated adults around the world and by partnering with us, you will be able to reach a confident, tech savvy and highly engaged audience of global members. At The Online Adult Dating Network, we take pride in our ability to deliver the best website link listing advertising services. We provide the most advanced website link listing advertising solutions whilst keeping in touch with the ever changing trends within the consumer market and the Internet. Whether you’re an advertiser who wants to reach more customers, generate brand awareness or have a time-sensitive campaign TOADN has the right solution for you.


Our adult dating audience is spread around the world and includes traditional markets such as North America and Europe along with non-traditional and emerging markets in South America, Asia Pacific, Africa and the Middle East.

Geographical Breakdown

  • North America – 20%
  • Europe – 20%
  • South America – 18%
  • Asia Pacific – 17%
  • Africa – 15%
  • Middle East – 10%


Advertisement Types, Targeting and Positions

Website Link Listing Advertising:  This placement is available as a listing space on any of our network of 32 traditional and niche adult sex dating sites on a first come, first served basis and forever. Reach every visitor to any of our 32 adult dating sites with this Website Link Listing Advertisement. This advertisement type will give you complete exposure to potentially millions of visitors to any of our adult dating sites. This advertisement position is available forever on any chosen online adult dating site. It is especially ideal for generating new customers, brand awareness, events and other time-sensitive advertising.

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Current prices are as shown below:

Website Link Listing Advertising with duration of forever is only $5

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